Meet Your Trainer Nicky


My own journey with yo-yo dieting and compulsive exercise has made me a better trainer because I can personally relate to the struggles many of my clients face. I spent 10 long years battling my weight. Every time I lost 3 pounds I gained back 5, and each time it became harder to lose those extra pounds.

I finally decided to educate myself on proper nutrition and exercise and not only did I lose enough weight to compete and win as a fitness competitor, but more importantly I was able to maintain my weight loss as a lifestyle.

Today my passion is to help my clients get off the diet roller coaster, create a positive relationship with food and to discover the amazing things their bodies are capable of.

My training slogan is “Pancakes to Peaches”, meaning I specialize in building glutes on anyone looking for shapely booty! Aside from the aesthetics of this, having a strong backside is very important in injury prevention and proper postural mechanics.

In addition, I am a Corrective Exercise Specialist which means I can assess your body for muscle weaknesses as well as compensations to bring you back to balance so you feel as good as you look!

My other training specialties include clients with the goal of fat loss and lean muscle gain (yes, guys I can train you too!), girls looking to compete in a bikini or figure competition and endurance athletes looking to improve their personal best times by adding resistance and explosive training in to their regimen.

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