client testimonials

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Amanda F.

I simply have no words, but I will say something anyway!! Nicky is beyond amazing! She truly works with you and with your specific goals in mind to get you the results you are looking for. There is no cookie cutter fitness going on here. I am so glad I found her and look forward to the gains I will continue to make under her direction! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to see significant progress with a kick butt trainer and biggest cheerleader! Thank you Nicky!!


Micaela M.

I have been training with Nicky for two months now and have been amazed at my results. She will create a customized plan for you depending on your goals and areas needing improvement. She spent a lot of time with me doing a postural assessment ensuring that we were doing the right exercises to help the areas needing the most attention. I look forward to working out with her each and every time because she is so encouraging and pushes you to try your hardest. I would recommend her to anyone really wanting a customized personal training plan.


Karen B.

I had a blast training in a group with Nicky. She made it fun by dividing the group up into teams and having us compete against each other. She also taught me I can build muscles at any age. She got my rear in gear to continue working out after our 28 day challenge.  Nicky is amazing.


Lahrisa S.

If you want personalized individual attention just for your workout Nicky is your trainer. I was so impressed with her personal assessment on me and what I need to work on to help achieve my goals.  She puts 100% effort into making your workout productive. After 6 weeks I am already seeing the great change in my body.


Juliana R.

Someone who has known me for the last 5 years pulled me aside. She said, "I have to ask you a question. Did you get butt implants". She said, "you're more muscular and your backside looks like it's lifted up!" 
This is when I knew for sure I was getting some serious results from working with Nicky!
I'm in my late 50's, thin and noticed my skin was really starting to sag. After changing my diet and getting my PT on with her, I changed quickly.
I told her what I wanted to accomplish and doubted it could happen because of my age. She took that on as her personal challenge. My arms don't look old anymore! My butt (ahem) looks and feels great! I have a stronger core and feel fantastic!
She's FUN and will motivate you! She cares, is funny and will beat your butt (or firm it like no other)!
I got results very quickly. I started working out in Dec and it's now Aug 1.
I am so very grateful for this woman in my life! Thank you! Thank you for your caring attitude and training wisdom!


Rene P.

Nicky is the real deal. She walks the walk - she really takes the time and, dare I say, love, to tailor workouts for your body type, abilities and goals. She is down to earth, extremely fit and great fun to workout with. But more importantly she gets results! I spent the last 2 years sitting in front of a computer unable to overcome the psychological block to get up and exercise. I tried everything from Crossfit, Pilates, OrangeTheory, Yoga, running etc. I always stopped. Nicky came along and has managed to get me moving again. She went above and beyond by ordering meals for me at a local health food delivery service, calculating the macros I needed to meet my goals. She gets up at an ungodly hour and comes to me because its the only time I can fit in workouts. I've never met someone so dedicated to their craft - and she can craft you into the body you want. So happy to have had a chance meeting with the best personal trainer out there - who I now consider a friend.


Heather C.

I've been training with Nicky for about 3 months now. One of my goals is to compete in a bikini competition before the end of the year and she is definitely getting me there. The workouts are tough and motivating and she really makes it interesting, changing things up and getting me out of my comfort zone. She spends time with you on your goals, watches your form. She doesn't sit on her phone or chatting with other people, you are definitely getting all of her and your moneys worth. When I have questions, i can text her, email, or call anytime, she's great at getting back to me if I can't reach her. Give her a try, whether you are new to fitness, or well versed, she will give you something that you will enjoy and really see results!

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Mitch F.

Nicky is great. Do not be apprehensive or intimidated by her ridiculous physique next to you making you look like the Pillsbury Doughboy, because if she's laughing at you, she's really good at hiding it!

Seriously, she's a ton of fun and really pays attention to you during the exercises to make sure you get the most out of each session. I'm hooked and I HATE exercise, that's how good she is.

Megan is known around our gym as “The Ninja” because she kills her workouts, lives to lift heavy and never complains. What most people don’t know is that Megan didn’t always look like a ninja. Super proud of this girl and how far she’s come! #sandiegofitness #sandiegopersonaltrainer #sandiegopersonaltraining #oceansidefitness #oceansidepersonaltrainer #oceansidepersonaltraining #carlsbadpersonaltrainer #carlsbadpersonaltraining #vistapersonaltrainer #sanmarcospersonaltrainer #24hourfitnessvista #24hourfitnesscarlsbad #24hourfitnessoceanside #lafitnessoceanside #lafitnessvista #24hourfitnesssanmarcos #selfmadetrainingfacility

Megan L.

I have been training with Nicky for almost two months and have seen an amazing transformation in overall fitness, strength, and physique. I had plateaued with my workouts before, but once I started training with Nicky I've been seeing the results I've been wanting. The workouts are challenging and no two work outs are the same. Nicky works with you to find the exercises that feel right for your body and fit your goals. She pushes you, but is very vigilant about technique, so I've never felt scared that I would hurt myself. I can't recommend Nicky enough!

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Mark W.

If you're interested in getting results... "Nicky Perry is the best choice!!!"  I began working out a few years ago seeing minimal results and like a lot of people just decided to push harder as if the results would magically appear.  Wrong!  I decided to get help.  Nicky's programs are not templates but custom designed for the individual.  After Nicky learned about my diet, rest and workout patterns; she made very detailed and accurate changes catering to my fitness goals... Within months, I noticed, felt and was commented on the change on my body.  I will not say it didn't not take dedication on my behalf but after reading Nicky's own personal struggles... I felt she was a perfect fit to help me... I was right!  

Don't pass up the chance to get results from Nicky and don't waste time and money with trainers who will further frustrate you....  "Nicky's professional training and diet program has me feeling and looking great!!!"


JoAnn S.

I've had the opportunity to train with Nicky, and she is amazing.  I'm a little bit of a bigger girl, and she is really caring and nonjudgmental.  She adapted some exercises so I could do them, and was always supportive.  She shared with me her own personal journey from being heavier to the epitome of strength and beauty she is now.  I genuinely got the feeling she cared about me, and cares about all of her clients.  I am so fortunate to have had my time with Nicky, and truly recommend her to anyone of any age and fitness level.  She is transformative.