combine the independence of online training with the personal touch of in person training


check-in in person and get new workouts from your trainer at regular-intervals

a more budget friendly option than 100% in person training

the best of both worlds


LIFESTYLE & postural


A program is only as good as its ability to seamlessly fit in to your current lifestyle, preferences and goals.

With the postural assessment, we can assess and address any muscle imbalances you may have so you can feel as good as you look.

science-backed Nutrition coaching customized to your body

As a Certified Nutrition Coach, your plan will be based on scientifically proven methods of fat loss and lean muscle gain, not bro science.

I will also teach you the WHY behind how your meal plan is constructed so you aren't blindly eating the same foods day after day. My goals is to have you take over the reigns so you can build in your own variety and so your success won't be tied to me forever.

training app with exercise demos to take the guesswork out of your workouts

My custom training app has all your workouts listed with video demos of each exercise.

You will be able to track your progress in the gym (by recording your weights and reps for every exercise) as well as outside of it (by recording the changes in your weight and measurements and adding progress photos.)

in person check-ins


ongoing collaborative modifications

With Hybrid training, we check-in in person to go over new workouts, make any necessary modifications to your program, refresh on technique and proper lifting form and discuss what's working in terms of your nutrition.



My custom training app will take your program from just an idea on paper to your home base for progress

Welcome to the training app that's going to change your life

See your current stats, progress photos, nutrition program and workout schedule all in one place. 

See all your workouts, watch exercise demos and track your progress in the gym. 



These are the





I'll give you a sample meal plan but more importantly I'll TEACH you about calories and macros and give you food lists so you can create your own variety, build your nutrition around foods you love and ultimately learn the skills that will make you successful in the long term without being tied to me.

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