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7 Amazing New A.I. Wearables

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Smartwatches are so 2018! check out these 7 amazing new A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) wearables that I read about on

1. Nadi X is a pair of yoga pants that gives you feedback on how successfully you completed a yoga pose using audio cues and sensor vibrations.

2. Foci clips on to your waist and tracks your breaths to gauge your cognitive state. Once it learns your normal breathing patterns, it can detect when you're "off", such as when you become distracted, and offers strategies to get you back on track.

3. Sensoria Fitness is a collection of clothing - sports bras, shirts and socks - lined with textile sensors that track your performance to help avoid injury. The sensors collect data that can analyze your run in real time and then interrupt your music to give feedback on things like cadence, landing technique and proper form.

4. QardioCore is a wearable ECG/EKG monitor that records the electrical activity of your heartbeat and transmits it to your smartphone, while also classifying the data - for example,  as normal or irregular. In can also help your doctor interpret results in real time.

5.  Hexoskin’s Smart Shirt tracks just about every piece of data you'd want to know from your workout such as "acceleration, step count, energy expenditure, heart rate, breathing rate and more." At night "it doubles as a sleep tracker, measuring resting heart rate, sleep positions and breathing patterns."

6. Muse is a headband that tracks your brain signals while you meditate to give you real time feedback. "You’ll hear calm winds when your mind is settled, and when your mind is active, those winds will pick up in pace with sounds akin to a storm."

7. iTBra "is a wearable screening tool for breast cancer and other tissue abnormalities." The bra tracks temperature changes in breast tissue " that may relate to the type of cellular activity often found in breast cancer tumors."

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