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Could You Pass the New Army Test?

Kudos to the Army for updating their fitness test that used to include the outdated run/sit-ups/push-ups protocol. Instead, they have replaced it not only with a more age- and gender-neutral test, but also one that involves many of the functional training movements us fitness trainers have long been using with our clients.

The new test, set to be implemented in October 2020, will look like this:

Deadlift between 120 and 420 pounds, depending on the individual soldier. You must do three reps in five minutes.

Two-minute rest.

Standing power throw. You’ll be required to toss a 10-pound medicine ball overhead and backward. You’ll have three minutes to make one practice throw and two for a grade. The longest distance is recorded.

Two-minute rest.

Hand-release push-ups. You lower your chest to the floor and lift your hands off the ground between each rep. You’ll be required to do the most reps in three minutes.

Two-minute rest.

Sprint-drag-carry. In four minutes, you will go 25 meters out and 25 meters back five times. Each iteration will include a different activity: sprint, drag a sled, run a lateral shuffle, carry two 40-pound kettle bells, then sprint again.

Two-minute rest.

Leg tuck. You will be required to hang from a pull-up bar and with your body parallel, then pull knees to your elbows for as many reps as possible in two minutes.

Five-minute rest.

Two-mile run on a track or a paved, level road, with a 20-minute maximum.

Try this out for your next workout. Do you have what it takes to be "Army Strong"?

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