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Essential Oils Start-Up Guide

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

If you've ever wanted to try essential oils but didn't know where to start, here's a great introduction.

I found an simple and to the point article on the LongevityLive website that covers the basics.

Key Takeaways from the article:

  • Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts.

  • They provide mental, emotional and physical benefits.

  • To use, you can inhale them straight from the bottle, circulate them around your room using a diffuser or apply to the skin but only after diluting with water.

  • Stay away from synthetic versions and buy high quality, unadulterated, pure essential oils.

11 Oils to Begin With:

Lavender - calms the mind, improves circulation, lessens tension

Tea Tree - astringent and cleanser, used in a lot of acne products

Sweet Orange - energizing and uplifting

Eucalyptus - improves skin irritations, clears nasal passages when added to hot, steamy water

Peppermint - cooling and energizing, can be used to calm scalp conditions

Rosemary - improves concentration

Lemon -  crisp, fresh and fruity, most commonly used for air freshening and household cleaning

Lemongrass - purifying,  both for body and your home

Patchouli - earthy scent, can deodorize and soothe irritated skin

Cinnamon - boosts alertness, improves blood circulation and freshens breath

Frankincense - uplifting yet grounding, eases anxiety and depression, favorite fragrance to use in spiritual practices like prayer and meditation, smooths the appearance of wrinkles 

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