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Rep Tempo = Gains?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Many of us know about changing up our rep range, and volume when it comes to weight training to promote continued muscle confusion and prevent plateaus. But rep tempo or speed is another variable few of us ever consider.

From Muscle & Fitness Hers, Mar/Apr 2010:

“Researchers at The university of Sydney (New South Wales, Australia) compared the effect of slow and fast rep speeds on muscle growth and strength, and found that slower reps had the edge when it came to boosting hypertrophy (size gains) while faster reps were superior for strength”.

Also known as “negatives”, next workout try changing up your rep speed so that you are moving for two counts during the concentric (flexed) part of the movement, holding isometrically for 1 count at the end of the range, and then lowering for four counts on the eccentric (stretched) part of the motion. Be prepared to be sore the next day!

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