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Increase the Nutrition in Your Food

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Did you know the health benefits of certain foods are related not only to WHAT you eat but also HOW you eat them?

I saw this great article on SHAPE online (Maria Marlowe, July 18, 2017) that I wanted to share. Did you know you can decrease the glycemic load of potatoes by cooking and then refrigerating them before you eat them? According to Marlowe, the cool temperature converts the rapidly digesting carbs in potatoes in to ones that are broken down more slowly and therefore spike insulin levels less rapidly. Interesting huh??

She also shares that you should always cook mushrooms to breakdown compounds that interfere with the absorption of other nutrients and also toxins that are considered carcinogens in raw mushrooms!

Finally, she explains that you should consume sweet potatoes, cucumbers and kiwis WITH their skin as that is where most of their antioxidants, fiber and vitamin C lies.

You go through all the trouble of buying fresh, wholesome produce, so why not prepare it in a way that benefits your body most?

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